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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Educate the world on glass art in general and Frabel art in particular, by cooperating with museums around the world to organize exhibitions and showcasing glass art.

The founder of the Frabel Foundation, Hans Godo Frabel, is one of the world's most successful and well-known glass artists of our time. His art pieces can be found in many museums and art collections around the world and he has always actively supported any activities focussed on educating the world on glass art. The Frabel Art Foundation was founded to give a more formal approach to this goal and get as many people on this planet in touch with different forms of glass art.

The Frabel Art Foundation manages a large collection of glass art pieces and loans these art pieces to museums and other institutions for educational purposes. The proceeds of any of the exhibitions is used to fund charitable and educational causes, specifically those that benefits the glass arts.

Hans Godo Frabel's artistic accomplishments include the "Hammer and Nails" sculpture, which in the late 1970's went all over the world as the main piece of the New Glass Movement. In 1987, Mr. Frabel was chosen as the Absolut Vodka artist of the year, joining other Absolut artists such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, and his famous cavorting clown sculpture was featured on advertisements of Absolut Vodka until the early 1990's.